Men in Hoodie Mockup

Shahmer Riaz
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How to use it?

Add your design

  1. To add your design just double click on the smart object layer and a new window opens.
  2. Turn off the layer or create a new one and paste your design.
  3. After you are finished hit save and close the window.
  4. Photoshop updates your design in the main psd mockup.

Change the background

  1. To change the color just double click on the Replace Color _ BG layer and change the color.
  2. To add your background just create a new layerin to the BG folder and paste your texture.


  1. Experiment with brightness, contrast and levels once you are done with the smart object editing.
  2. Crop the image to achieve different looks.
  3. Plays with Blend Mode. Try to use: Darken,Multiply, Linear Burn.


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Men in Hoodie Mockup

1 rating
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